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The Body Shop is one of my favourite places to shop for skincare products, mainly because of the natural ingredients they use. When I was in Oxford Street several months back, I picked up this hand cream, Wild Rose Hand Cream SPF 15. The Body Shop actually has a whole hand care range in Wild Rose.

The packaging is very attractive, I love the little foil tube that the cream comes in but more importantly, I love the product! The hand cream is very hydrating, and has a very subtle sweet fragrance of roses. The main ingredients include the rosehip oil and the Fair Trade Brazil nut oil, and let me tell you, it does smell divine! The cream is very light, almost like whipped cream so it feels really smooth when you apply it to your hands.

The tube contains 100ml of product, so as a full tube, it is a bit heavy to carry around in your bag, but I love it so much that it has remained a staple in my bag and at £5.00 its a complete steal as I have had it for almost 6 months now!

Have you tried the Wild Rose range at Body Shop?

Penny For Your Thoughts /

So, Valley Optics are holding a D&G competition where one lucky winner can be the new owner of their favourite pair of Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses/Glasses! Who could possible not enter this competition? Youd have to be crazy to give it a skip!

The challenge was to pick your favourite pair of glasses/sunglasses from the Valley Optics shop and style it with the Then and Now collection. Only, to make things harder, you have to keep the outfit inside the budget of £1000. Cant be that hard right? Wrong. As I was browsing, I was just drooling over the possible outfit choices, the permutations for the collection is just unlimited! However, I had to settle for my favourites so here they are:

I went for a summer wedding theme, and this beautiful neon apricot, pleated, v-neck maxi just stood out immediately! The clinched waistline is flattering for all body shapes and can definitely accentuate the waist and the pleats just fall really nicely all around. I recently bought a pleated maxi skirt from Topshop and know that in the summer breeze, the pleats float really prettily.

And what outfit is complete without its accessories?

Statement heels. Who doesnt love them? Arent they so pretty?! My inspiration for pairing these bright pink pair of heels with the orange dress came from here. These colours definitely compliment each other and I think that sometimes; its good to be bold with colours, and especially at a big summer party for work or at a wedding, these shoes will definitely catch peoples attentions. Where did you get those shoes from? Will probably be the synonymous questions directed at you.

I like to keep my jewellery simple, and since I have long hair, earrings are probably the best understated jewellery that I can adorn, and the gems also add a glow to you face in the sunshine. I love the antique rose coloured crystals, because they tie in the apricot dress and fuchsia heels giving your outfit a more complete feel.

Last but not least is the star of the outfit, my favourite DG shades. I like to keep things simple, and so I prefer black shades, and I love the little flick that these shades have in their top corners, as it adds a cat-eye frame to your face.

So thats my outfit, you can see the list here on my Pinterest. Fingers crossed for this competition, I would love to own that pair of shades! If you wish to enter, simply visit this website and follow their instructions! :)

Penny For Your Thoughts /

The Packaging

What the box says: Sheer powder for a healthy glow, comfort and protection.

I bought this powder during one of my mini hauls in Oxford Street about a month back and it has definitely become a staple in my daily makeup collection. Although this is the first powder I have bought, it will definitely be the only one that I will repurchase.

The product is beautifully packaged in a beige compact box, which Im sure that the Chanel fans know is a huge step away from the iconic black lacquer; but it still remains monochrome and the contrast makes it look extremely sleek!

Without Flash

Enriched with cotton flower and white rose plant cells, the smooth, fine powder just glides beautifully on your skin. I love that it is so extremely sheer, that you cant tell that you are wearing it! It is the first product in the Chanel range that is devoted to simple, natural, healthy looking skin something Im sure that we all go ga-ga for! The powder also contains SPF15, which in my honest opinion is more than enough to cover an entire summer of British weather.

With Flash

I really dont like wearing foundation on a daily basis, even my favourite daily wear foundation, Estée Lauders Invisible Fluid Makeup, which I think is the lightest of light foundations I have ever worn on my skin, can seem too much on some days I guess that says a lot about me immediately, right? So, I find this powder a godsend because not only does it give me a bare coverage, but it manages to do the job with just my concealer underneath it. I cant tell you how many times Ive walked out of the house with just my concealer, powder and blusher on and received compliments about how good I look. A healthy looking skin can make all the difference in the way people see you.

I think that this powder works best buffed with a stippling brush over concealer and a tinted moisturiser, if you, like me, are going for the fresh, minimal, bare-faced look. The shades range from No10 No70; I own it in the shade No50 which compliments my fair Asian skin tone (yellow undertoned) really well. I bought it from John Lewis on Oxford Street for £38.00, but obviously, one can purchase it from any big department store or online.

Penny For Your Thoughts /

Im hosting my first ever proper beauty giveaway and one lucky girl could be the owner of this stunning SS13 Nails Inc. Collection! I went to Oxford Street last week on a hunt for a lovely gift for the giveaway and this little beauty immediately caught my eye that I didnt mind splurging a bit.

The collection of 6 brand new shades for the spring summer season, inspired by the catwalk include: Royal Botanical Gardens a mint green pastel; Kensington Palace Gardens a salmon peach/pink colour; Chelsea Physic Garden a pastel blue; Primrose Hill Gardens a deep neon pink; Hampton Court Palace Gardens a pure vibrant orange and Belgravia Gardens a coffee nude shade.

This is an international giveaway, so anyone is free to enter, and will run until midnight of May 31st!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Penny For Your Thoughts /

Olive and Frank

08.05.2013 in Fashion

Through random ad clicking on blogs, I came across this online boutique called Olive and Frank who primarily sell vintage clothes. I saw this dress and necklace that were so cute that the little shopaholic in me pressed Buy before I even had a minute to comprehend it. So here is my shopping experience with Olive and Frank.


It took just under two weeks for the items to arrive, which is longer than what I am used to, but I have to say that it was definitely worth it! The dress and necklace arrive in cute packaging that consisted of spotted tissue paper and a brown striped paper bag, respectively. It was neatly wrapped and felt almost like opening presents on Christmas day!


Can you see why this was such an impulsive buy? The dress is just so adorable and girly, with the layers of lace and the dots that adorn the lovely soft chiffon material! The lining is quite silky and glides on the skin very well that makes it a pleasure to wear!

The 'V' Pendant necklace is also going to become a staple in my wardrobe! I love it so much, it brightens and smartens up any outfit! (Trust me. It even made my pyjamas look trending!)


Along with this, of course, came a little business card that I have already stored away in my jewellery box incase I lose the address of the website (which I highly doubt!). I revisited their website today, and I am loving these items! I think that it might be my next buy

Penny For Your Thoughts /


So during my break today I visited the British Heart Foundation charity shop that is right next to Boots, where I work. I immediately spotted these lovely little boots and was instantly drawn to them and to my luck they were in my size and better yet, they were completely brand new!


I just saved myself a tenner, RRP £17.99, bought for: £7.99!


I also picked up this clear glass bowl to put my rings in too, for £1.99, it definitely compliments my dressing table now and my rings are no longer tangle up amongst my necklaces!


Have you recently bought anything from your local charity shops?

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